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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cuban Cigar Reviews - Punch Punch

Here is that Punch Punch review as promised. I bought this cigar in Amsterdam last month. Cuban Punch's are not available legally in Canadian for trademark reasons (it is the only cuban Marca not available, to my knowledge). I should have bought more of them!

**Sorry, no pics for this one, I smoked it at work - That's right, I can smoke at work!

The prelight draw was prefect, and the cigar was slightly drier than normal for me, but it was well travelled too. I have recently begun wetting the wrappers of the cigar I smoke because I believe they burn better, but I am probably just imagining that.

The first puff made me think 'toasty' but that gave way to a sort of coffee like creaminess, with a faint sweetness. The cigar is not very old at all, just about a year, and I credit that for the slightly tannic after taste.

I have never smoked any Punch and this is definitley different than anything I have ever had before. Although it reminds me of a Hoyo De Monterrey's flavour profile, there is something else distinct that I can't figure out.

There was a very faint citrus flavour to the cigar that developed after the midpoint. Otherwise the flavour didn't progress much from the first third, but it did seem to balance out a little bit.

My Punch started to burn unevenly which I had to corret twice, and it went out twice also. I had read on some other reviews that many others had experienced this with the Punch Punch. Mine was a 2004, which is generally a year with sub par construction, according to many.

I asked around a bit after this smoke, before writing the full review, and many people have said how great the older versions of this cigar are, especially at about 7 or 8 years of age.

Please realize this is only one cigar, and also my first of this brand. I am not put off trying more at all, in fact I look forward to the next one, I just hope it was by chance that I recieved one with poor contsruction.


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