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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Still Sick.....

Man, this cold won't go away. I have the worst cough I can remember, I can't even walk let a lone smoke a cigar. I am hoping I get better by saturday and sunday, Sarah and I are going down to Seattle to celebrate my birthday.

I made reservations at Wild Ginger, which is supposed to be (according to most of my friends) a terrific asian fusion restaurant. The menu looks pretty appetizing, so we shall see.

While I am down there I hope to pick up some Padrons (anniversarios), or Fuentes (flora fina maduros), which are about the only non-cuban cigars I really enjoy, although I admittedly haven't tried as many NC's as Cubans.

I also hope to pick up some Red Hook Ale and some other microbrews I haven't tried, and some good wine from Pike and Western Wine . This is a great little shop right across from Victor Steinbrueck Park in the market.

So I have no control over the cold, but all the other things should be achievable. Wish me luck.


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