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Friday, July 28, 2006

Montecristo #2

Took a little walk tonight with the dog and the wife. I smoked a Montecristo #2 that was just awful. The box it was from, FEB 2006, was riddled with construction problems, many cigars were underfilled or had soft spots in them that caused them to 'canoe'.

I feel this has been all to common in the Montecristos #2's lately (2004-2005 boxes). And this is the first time I have smoked a Montecristo from a 2006 box. This is a shame because when they are good they are really good, but right now they are a bit of a crapshoot. A lot of my clients have complained of this problem as well, and seems to just be the way it is for right now.

Of course it is well known that 2004 was generally a pretty bad year for construction. Apparently there were a number of experienced torcedors (rollers) that had retired or moved on around that time, as well as a few other issues. Perhaps a similar problem is occuring again right now with these, or maybe I just have bad luck! I won't dare to generalize this quality to all Monte 2s, just the ones I have smoked, which unfortunately have sucked!


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