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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Long Time No Post.....Cohiba Double Coronas!?!

Hey sorry to my faithful readers. I have been busy with work and such, and a little travel.

The other day I smoked a Cohiba 2003 Edicion Limitada Double Corona. It was wonderful. It is just starting to get to that point where it is the best cigar in my shop. It has always been the most expensive, but it needed a little time to develop. Since it is coming up on its 3 year anniversary it is surely getting closer to its full potential. The draw is impeccable, the smoke is smoother than about 90% of all Cubans, and the quality of every one I have seen, smoked, or heard about, is top notch. I suppose for about $90 CDN you would expect as much, but sometimes these things need to be said. The flavours are deep and mellow at the same time. I taste earth, chocolate, and memories of the first cigar I ever had. God knows what the first cigar I ever had was, but it will always be the best one I ever smoked. In my shop these beauties are smoked regularly, mostly by our loyal customers, but they never become 'regular'. Once, when I was busy helping a client at the shop, one of my regulars took to the task of helping a first time client who was buying a gift. When she looked at these Cohibas, and balked at the price, he said "All of the cigars in here are great. But this one is a memory. He will never forget it" She left with 3 of them. Anyway, despite the fact that he was pretty heavy into the scotch that night, he was entirely correct. I have smoked a few of them and vividly remember each time. They are without question a terrific cigar.