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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Cuban Cigar News - Legal Cubans In the USA?

Here is an interesting little piece on legal cubans in the USA. Don't get too excited though, the reson they are legal is that are pre-embargo cigars - Which means they are 50 plus years old, and thus very pricey!

But interesting nonetheless....



Cuban Cigar News - Cohiba Behike 40th Anniversary Humidor

Habanos is releasing 100 personalized humidors complete with a never before seen vitola, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Cohiba brand.

According to Habanos, "The cigar takes its name from the Behike, or witch doctor of the Taino Tribe who performed sacred rites with tobacco. The project began in 2001 to be ready in time for the anniversary of the flagship brand of Habanos."

This will be the most exclusive cigar in the world, incased in a limited edition Elie Blue humidor, that will be personalized and engraved with the owner's name. This is an unbelievable collector's piece.

Each humidor will contain 40 cigars, 52 ring gauge by 192mm, which is the girth of a siglo VI, and the length of a lancero.

The humidor itself will be made of Manta Ray skin, ox bone, and sycamore with mother of pearl inlays.

Check out the following for more details in the official release from Habanos S.A. :