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Friday, November 11, 2005

Matching Drinks and Cigars

Don't forget about your liver!

I thought I would post a few ideas about matching drinks and cigars. It's a great topic, albeit a tricky one. I say this because eveyone likes different cigars and different drinks.

I guess there are some basic rules. And I stress, they are simple, but that's how I think it should be

#1 - Drink and Smoke something you enjoy. If you combine a fine cognac with a cigar you don't like, the only thing you will accomplish is ruining your enjoyment of the cognac. And if you don't like bourbon, it is unlikely that any cigar will change your mind.

#2 - Relax. If you are smoking during a golf game you might as well drink Kool-Aid with your Cohiba. A good cigar and a nice drink are only meaningful if you get the opportunity to appreciate them. Sand traps are no place for savouring anything.

#3 - Try to match the weight of the drink to the weight of the cigar. This is generally a good methodology; you want to taste both the drink and cigar, not the strongest of the two. Most cubans require at least hard liquor. Put the red wine away (unless you really know what you are doing! - as per the next 'tip')

#4 - Experiment. I don't know who the first person to try eating fattened duck liver was, but if he never did it'd be my loss. I had a guy come in to my shop and tell me that Zino Mouton Cadet No.3's are sublime with Vueve Clicquot. My point is that some of the best pairings make no sense at all, and can be just amazing.

#5 - Completely ignore me. The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself. Don't do anything for anyone but you. If you like red wine with cigars, drink it with every smoke.


Sunday, November 06, 2005

US Laws - Cuban Cigars

Being that I work in a cigar shop in one of Canada's biggest cities, I am often asked by American's how many cubans they are allowed to bring back the States with them. The answer, of course, is NONE.

Quite honestly, most people do not know this. What's worse is that there is an even more ridiculous law that the US government passed recently that prohibits American citizens from purchasing and consuming cuban cigars OUTSIDE of the USA. I do not know much about the law because I am not a lawyer and I do not pretend to be. But as i understand it there are some severe penalties for this 'crime' of up to 2 years in jail, or fines up to $250,000. I'll take the jail, personally!

Anyway just something I thought people might be interested in. I will update this post with some new links and more official information on the law.

Here are some links