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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hoyo De Monterrey Churchill

The other night I smoked a HDM Churchill that was about 2 years old. I do not know for sure because it was given to me by a friend shortly before my wedding in June. I hadn't been smoking much, but none-the-less this was the best cigar I have had in months. I cannot wait to get my hands on some more and possibly put them away for a while.

The flavours were simply intense, with earth, spice and licorice building into a dense thick smoke. It had so much character that if I was asked by someone to illustrate the difference between Cuban cigars and non-Cubans with one cigar, I would unquestionably reach for this. It reminded me of Lagavulin Scotch, in the way that it just made sense on your taste buds, and since I had some Lagavulin I drank it with this.

Not only did it taste spectacular it also looked it. The oily, chestnut-coloured wrapper was in perfect condition and it drew just superb the whole way down. I didn't have a camera on hand at the time, so no pics.

I thank Seauin for giving this to me, and I thank, in advance, anyone I come across in the future should they have any! If you find one try it.