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Friday, September 30, 2005

Do You Have Authentic or Fake Cuban Cigars??

OK, This is a contentious topic, I know. There are bound to be millions of sites and thus millions of different answers and otherwise conflicting stories on this topic as well. Here's what you really need to know. Any other questions, please ask.

  • RULE #1 - "If it Sounds To Good to Be True"......
  • Therefore, the guy that offers to sell you a box of Cohiba's for $40 on the beach, in whatever Spanish speaking country you happen to be, is not selling real Cohibas. No matter what his story is.
  • Same thing goes for a store. Refer to Rule#1. Buy smokes at reputable CIGAR SHOPS (not corner stores or holes-in-the-proverbial-wall), and you'll get good smokes.
  • Don't buy from Ebay. Most will obviously be fakes, and you will notice that yourself. This isn't a knock against Ebay - most sellers don't know much, if anything, about cigars. Often they are just reselling the aforementioned fake cubans they bought on the beach for $40 that they thought were real.
  • RULE #2 - Buy only from Cigar Shops, and when you have to, Reputable Websites.
  • Ignore anything you ever read about labels, boxes and box codes. Because it won't help you. If people can fake $100 bills they can sure as hell fake labels, and/or steal them. Also, the Cuban Government can change box codes faster than you can change pants, so even if you learn one or two you may not know the most current ones or even last years. There have been a few changes in the past few years. (Disclaimer - There is a time and place for box codes and it is collecting. They won't help with authentication unless you know what you're doing, and that means you are probably a collector.)
  • Look at the damn Cigars!!! If the shop won't let you inspect the box, don't take it. If they don't look real, don't take them. If they don't look to be in good shape don't take them, and so on..... COHIBAS DO NOT COME IN GLASS TUBES OR GLASS TOP BOXES FOR GOD SAKES!!!
  • RULE #3 - If you are skeptical, DO NOT BUY!!
  • A box of Montecristo No.2's in Havana Cuba, at a factory or reputable shop should be around $300 US. (if anyone has a more accurate figure please post, keeping in mind that prices vary by time, Cuban city, and store.) Elsewhere in the world price depends on the local taxes/duties. The same box in Canada should be about $725 CAD. Switzerland, and Spain are notoriously cheaper, sometimes cigars are not much more expensive there than in Cuba.
  • REREAD RULE #1!!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

New Cigars From Cuba!!

The newest Edicion Limitada's are out for 2005, so far I am aware of and have seen:
  • Montecristo "D" - a 8-9-8 style lonsdale in a 3-4-3 stacked serving of 10 to a box. Haven't tried it yet though, just got them in my shop 2 or 3 weeks ago.
  • H Upmann Magnum 50 - I've had one, and I am saving some more. It was amazing, and that's all I will say until I have more time to properly critique it.
  • Romeo y Julieta Petit Pirmades - Basically a sawed-off No.2 or torpedo cigar. I am smoking my first one as I write this, so worthwhile judgement can't be made, but for what it is worth, it is great thus far (10 minutes in)
Feel free to post comments about these smokes, or any others that might be new this fall.

Great Smoke Shops

Please comment on this post,
List your favourite shop/website and as much info as you can about them, If it's good I will put a permanent link on the vertical menu with the other links. I'll start with my favourite, www.vancouvercigar.com Located in the Yaletown district in Vancouver, it specializes in Cubans. There is a lounge area, you can bring your own drinks, they have glasses. Great staff, of which I am one (there has to be a catch, eh?). 1093 Hamilton St. Vancouver BC. 604-685-0445. or 1-888-94-CIGAR. They ship Worldwide, even to 'embargoed' souls. Go and Give em a look see................



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