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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Partagas Serie Du Connoisseurs No. 2

I am finally over my cold that has plagued me for the last few weeks.

To celebrate I lit my first cigar in a while, a Partagas Serie Du Connoisseur No. 2. I purchased this cigar online from TopCubans.

This is fast becoming one of my favourite cigars, at 6.5 inches by a 38 ring gauge it is a terrific size for a quick smoke. I find that the draws on all the Conn2's I have smoked have been perfect, which is absolutely crucial to enjoying a cigar of this size. The burn on this one was great, requiring just a minor touch up, and the ash was lengthy and white the whole way down.

The taste is decidely woody at the start, with some spice that develops throughout. I haven't smoked enough of these to say much more just yet, other than that I love them so far.



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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Still Sick.....

Man, this cold won't go away. I have the worst cough I can remember, I can't even walk let a lone smoke a cigar. I am hoping I get better by saturday and sunday, Sarah and I are going down to Seattle to celebrate my birthday.

I made reservations at Wild Ginger, which is supposed to be (according to most of my friends) a terrific asian fusion restaurant. The menu looks pretty appetizing, so we shall see.

While I am down there I hope to pick up some Padrons (anniversarios), or Fuentes (flora fina maduros), which are about the only non-cuban cigars I really enjoy, although I admittedly haven't tried as many NC's as Cubans.

I also hope to pick up some Red Hook Ale and some other microbrews I haven't tried, and some good wine from Pike and Western Wine . This is a great little shop right across from Victor Steinbrueck Park in the market.

So I have no control over the cold, but all the other things should be achievable. Wish me luck.

Monday, August 07, 2006


I haven't been smoking really anything at all.

I somehow managed to catch a cold in the midst of summer and am coughing ridiculously night and day. I also have been working a tremendous amount and spend my time off doing nothing at all!

So in the next week I will be writing more, but for now I will rest up.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cuban Cigars Online - Top Cubans

My first order from Top Cubans arrived about a week ago, 5 partagas connoissuer no.2s. The shipment showed up in about 5 business days and arrived in good condition. The cigars were well packaged, individually wrapped by the shipper and put in a wooden box for 'safety' reasons.

The box itself got demolsihed, but Im ok with that. At least the cigars are fine, as that is the idea. I've included some pictures below, of the packaging and cigars.

The company was pleasant to deal with and followed up with emails regarding my order, confirmation and a notice that it was being shipped. I was lucky that I didn't get dinged with duties, although Top Cubans makes no guarantees to that effect, nor should you expect that.

I will soon be ordering more from them and will let you know how that goes, I am eyeing a box of Bolivar Petit Coronas.